Climate Protest Karaoke

Climate crisis is real and the fact that soon it will change our lives and our entire planet is overwhelming. We have to deal with anger and frustration when facing with the cynicism of the ruling class. In our next singing project, we have changed parts of popular songs’ lyrics so that they could help us cope with all these emotions. Hits that we hear on the radio usually tell about broken heart. Only a slight intervention and they suddenly become protest songs that can help us handle the burden of our times. We reclaim the music that belongs to the commercialised, capitalist culture to give voice to our collective anger and shed our tears together with Mother Earth.

The project debuted at the Future of Culture Forum in 2019 and was presented as part of our on-line art residency at the Department of Presence (the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw), where we invited people to participate in our climate karaoke challenge on Instagram. The recordings are available on the Instagram profile of the Department of Presence.

Instastories created as part of our on-line residency at Department of Presence