Living Images. Audioguide

Polish landscape? It is either a medium-sized city covered with billboards, or fields separated by a row of willows.

After all, the willow is such a “Polish” tree – it marks the horizon of our “national” landscapes, it even serves as Chopin’s piano in Łazienki. But we used it not only as a symbol, but also as fuel or weaving material. The familiar, familiar shape of a wide trunk covered with thin twigs is the effect of this use; excessive exploitation, regular pruning of young branches that did not have a chance to grow.

White willow and its place in Polish culture inspired us to create an audioguide to the Center of Polish Sculpture Park in Orońsko. We take viewers on a performative walk where trees become the protagonists-exhibits. This time they are supposed to provoke reflection and delight with their form, instead of sculptures, installations or video works. These are real live pictures, breathing, feeling pain and bending under a stronger gust of wind. We want to give them voice and bring them out of the “background” that plants constitute in human life, root them back and give them subjectivity by putting them on an equal footing with artists and artists taking part in the 9th Young Triennale in Orońsko “So Long As We Still Live.”

The project consists of a performative walk with an audioguide available under the QR code and on mp3 players (available for rent), park map and interventions in the park space.

Map of our performative walk in Orońsko Park